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Video: Do Mountains Alter Speech?

I found this interesting video about a correlation between phonology and geography. New studies (links on the bottom of the post) show that certain sounds are found in areas that share specific geographic features, like temperature, forestation and altitude.

As Artifexian, the creator of this video, explains, this may be a big coincidence. However, you can ignore the uncertainty and use this idea for your languages in your fictional world. For example, the Pakti tribe, which lives in the mountains, settles the uninhabited plains. The great Bagde nation has voiced the Pakti voiceless stops and lowered the Pakti vowels.

Evidence for Direct Geographical Influence on Linguistic Sounds: The Case of Ejectives:
Response Article:
Climate, Econiche and Sexuality: Influence on Sonority in Languages:
Climate, Vocal Folds and Tonal Languages:

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