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Macau Champurado and Artifexian

It's good to be back! I haven't posted since... February! I am going to try to post more often, but I can't promise that things like this will not happen again. I have my own conworld projects and have things to do offline (maybe even this strange thing called "getting a life").
Speaking of hiatuses, Dóci Papiaçám di Macau released a new video, 11 months after their previous one. If you forgot or don't know what Dóci Papiaçám di Macau is, I suggest reading this post first. The video is about a group of tourists who come to see Macau. The tour guides sing about the hip, international city of money and shiny things marketed to tourists. The tourists protest, so the guides show them the real Macau: the ruins of St. Paul, the old streets in which people live, places of worship, the food that locals have eaten for generations, etc. I wish more tourists thought like them, rather than the one Chinese tourist in the video who just complained all the time.
On the other hand, Artifexian, the conworlding channel of YouTube that inspired my second post, appears to be on an indefinite hiatus:
Links to things discussed in the video:
RIAM Official:
Artifexian Podcast:

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