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Justice for the Pladls

See here for Update/Correction

Adult consensual sex is still a crime in most countries that do not consider LGBT to be criminals. That includes 48 states of the United States, luckily not including the one I live in (New Jersey, the other one being Rhode Island). Today, Steven and Katie Pladl, a consenting father and daughter couple, were arrested in Virginia for daring to be in love each other and consummating that love. As of writing this, I have heard zero indications of abuse or grooming. They were ratted out by Steven's wife, who had already separated from him at the time she learned about the relationship. Steven and Katie have a child together and also live with Katie's younger siblings. The court issued a million dollar bond for both of them, and they are not able to pay either. For more details, check Kieth Pullman's Full Marriage Equality blog or the BBC article where I found this story: Incest charge as US woman has baby 'by her biological father'.

This intrusion into peoples' consensual love lives needs to be stopped. One way you can do that is spread the word. Tweet about out it, blog about it, etc. Make sure the readers know you are for their release, as just posting the situation doesn't indicate that their arrest is a bad thing. Sadly, we live in a world that needs it spelled out in large letters. Another way to help is to contact civil rights organisations like the American Civil Liberties Union of Virginia and hope they take the case. I will try to update on any fundraisers, protests, etc. that people can join to help this couple.

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