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Welcome to mèþru's word stuff. mèþru is my online name. This is where I word out my stuff about things, mainly fictional languages, cultures, planets, and etc, but also real life from the perspective of one building a fictional world and random topics. There is no regular update schedule currently. I try to post at least once a week.

What are the rules for commenting on this blog?
Be nice, be patient
How do I pronounce mèþru?
The è is pronounced somewhere between an American short and long e. The þ (letter thorn in Icelandic, Old English, and Old Norse) is pronounced like th in thin, never like that. The r is the same as American r. The u is the same as that of American oo in goose.
How do I pronounce other stuff on your website?
Most of the words, roots, affixes, and other stuff from my fictional language are phonetically represented in brackets with the International Phonetic Alphabet.
How can I contact you?
Email me at
Please include in the subject that this is about the blog.

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